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Limp Bizkit feat. Paul Wall — Middle Finger

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Текст песни "Limp Bizkit — Middle Finger"

[Intro] Yeah In the house Ladies and gentlemen Paul Wall [Paul Wall] The balling is big 'Cause the hustle is hard The grind is rather huge So the jealousy is quite large With credit cards and cash stacks My mind focused on greenbacks I go and get it I don't relax The player hating is to the max Kush sacks and powder packs No time to eat It's just snacks That's whiskey shots and cognac Getting fucked up like college frats No exaggeration, just facts Fascination with paper stacks And masturbating on bubbas' backs They're assassinating my player stats Gang sharp like thumb tacks Go dump on horse gump They chew me up like Orbits gum Swallow cock and eat cum Go get rocks and eat crumbs I run from cops but bar none I'm in the streets just like a bum If you don't like it, come get you some [Hook] I hear 'em talking that shit But they ain't saying shit They don't wanna start shit Tell them they can eat shit They all full of shit Cuz they nuttin' but shit If they keep on talking shit Ima make 'em eat shit Motherfucker, fuck you With my middle finger up Motherfucker, fuck you With my middle finger up Fuck you (fuck you) Fuck you (fuck you) [Fred Durst] Hold up I got moves to make I cruise this globe you Gonna have to wait Ima slap that bitch upside your face But bitch don't smile Ima have to hate I don't think it that shit too lightly Microphone got me in the zone With a shot of Patrón We're gonna have to brone Ima slap this bitch upside your dome Y'all know what? Me and Paul Wall Gonna hold this white bullshit up Gonna fuck them guts like some slut Yo bitches better go lube up Get chewed up and spit out Like snot I blow this shit out I love when rock and roll gets mixed with hip hop, ho! This gun is clocking Hit the show These pockets fat from shows I stole This cobra gold like days of woe We're blasting classics Now you know I'm head to toe You're on Abbey Road I flip this super nasty flow It keeps the ladies on the go and they all coming back for mo' [Hook] Fuck all the haters! Seize the fake Increase the stakes This Gold Cobra and Wall the Great Please wait, no sweet escape Just swisher sweets And kush grades Police on the take No peaceful fate For peace is the shit they speak the hate Just broken bones and body heads You gotta leap from the waist Hello police state Keep my mind up on my cake I'll fly like Superman But no cape Dripped and draped in that street scholar Hardly awake and half baked Peak the technique Clean the slate The flow is so well done like steak Break em down I got some moves to make Go fuck yourself if you can't relate [Fred Durst] They talk yeah They talk They talk They talk They done dug themselves a hole They know it's all they fault Gonna pour this salt straight on the wound Better catch this jet it's leaving soon Infection might be settling in But this doctor done checked out the room We blazing through like Xanadu What? Now y'all know what not to do This crack here might not be for you But Ima leave you crackers black and blue We wreck this shit like hand grenades You've blown to bits and get thrown away This blunt done smoked up half a day But I had to piss on your parade [Hook] Take all the pieces of the puzzle If they ain't fittin', we're in trouble Busting all your asses like a bubble You know I'm made at you Fuck you and your attitude!

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