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Ria Hall — Owner

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No one owns the water Noone owns the lands Noone owns the oceans Noone owns the sands These are given by our mother The planet provides for free Only at the hands of the greedy Does the earth require afeee Yeaah You hear me singing Aaaaaa Lead a horse to water But cannot make him drink yeah Judgement by one's skin colour Judgement by one's creed one's creed Judgement by her religion We want to judge by your qualities These are gifted by our father Even handed in impartiality Only at the hands of the willing Do we find in Humanity You come and sing it Ah ah ahhh All people let me tell you Lead a horse to water He choose not to drink Give knowledge to man But you cannot make him think. Hey Yeaaaaaaah

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Третья композиция из альбома «Manawa Wera», вышедшего 28 февраля, в 2020 году на лейбле Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa. Композитор, автор текста: Laughton Kora, Риа Холл. Запись осуществлялась в студии звукозаписи The Surgery в Веллингтоне Новая Зеландия.

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