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Maino — Remember My Name

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Текст песни "Maino — Remember My Name"

[Intro] Check out and remember my name, my name Said you gonna remember my name [Hook] If I'm alive or not Cold or hot Block & guard my spot Said you gonna remember my name From the start 'til the end Whether I lose or win Family for a friend You gonna remember my name My name, my name yeah Said you gonna remember my name My name Listen I promise to be nothin' short of a G Never beg for mercy, never seein' me flee Got blood on my knife, got cash in my jeans Did dirt in my life, havin nightmares in my dreams I remember my father, I was watchin him suffer Help me heavenly father don't let my life get rougher And you gotta forgive me, I got alcohol in me Even after I'm dead, niggas gon' never forgive me I got homies I love that I lost in the game In my mind they sayin "make 'em remember your name" If they love you it's cool, give 'em a reason to hate you I ain't chasin the fame Said you gonna remember my name [Hook] Listen Imagine a casket, imagine me in it Now take your time and try to picture this kind of vision My funeral, my homies dead, my momma cryin My son is hurt, his daddy gone, now say goodbye I'm just a memory, baby do you remember me? Gave y'all all a good reason just to remember see Now I'm reaching heavenly, I'ma leave a legacy My niggas gonna swear on my name and pour out Hennessey They gon' say I did it all, started out with mixin' crack Look at that before he went to jail he ain't even rap Came home in the street back up at the block again Out of nowhere a street nigga killed the rap game [Hook] Left a mark in the hood, made a mark in the world Went straight from the hood, to the top of the world You can tell that I'm different; you can see that I lived it When I'm gone you gon' remember me clearly and vivid The face of a angel, the heart of a lion Champion spirit, blessed with the will of surviving You remember the face, you remember the game When it's said and done Said you gonna remember my name [Hook] [Outro] I had big dreams of being a rapper But the reality was I was being sucked back into the streets And before I knew it, I was back in the hood

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Четвертая композиция из альбома «If Tomorrow Comes», вышедшего 30 июня, в 2009 году.

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