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True Tiger — Big Love (Haze Remix)

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Текст песни "True Tiger — Big Love (Haze Remix)"

The more you have, the more you have to lose
Empty hands are always free to grab onto
Darkness lives in every single one of us, I'm not afraid of mine
Nothing is impossible, but everything is difficult sometimes

And it takes Big Love
Big Love, to get you through
It takes Big Love
Big Love

All I want is an unpolluted heart
In this shrinking world we're drifting further apart
Sometimes I forget the search can mean so much more than the things you find
Living in fast forward but we never get the chance to press rewind


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Дата добавления: 26.09.2020 в 18:56

Восьмая композиция из мини альбома «Eye of the Tiger, Vol. 2», вышедшего 28 октября, в 2012 году.

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