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Armin van Buuren — Mask

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Продолжительность: 08:03

Прослушиваний: 2021

Текст песни "Armin van Buuren — Mask"

Help me take this mask off
It's not been me that you've known
See I'm afraid to show me
See my wounds they haven't healed yet
Can't you handle what you see?
The good, bad and the ugly, I am a human too
There's so much more real love buried in me, tell me you see
Please breathe, don't look away
It's the only way to save me

[Instrumental Break]

I've exposed my heart
See why I hide it all
Are you afraid too
I want to be free too
Have I shown too much
And the mask goes up

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«Маска» – второй трек Армина ван Бюрена из альбома Hollow Mask Illusion EP

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