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Dub Fx — Pull Up

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Текст песни "Dub Fx — Pull Up"

Dong dong dong. Pull up the rhythm and the fire Pull up the rhythm we better pull it quick Burn up the fire till early morning Now we reaching higher we about to hit the peak All my warriors now come and join in Don't let them stop you or get in your way You can spread that fire sit and meditate Say what you mean and mean what you say You have that power always Dong dong dong Pull up the rhythm and the fire We nice up and we nice up and we nice up the place We bring you positivity we bring you the bass We mash up all the rhythm like a secret recipe Make your body feel good and supple after physiotherapy We following the fire i-man whole i-ration Soundsystem with positive vibration Sweet reggae music coming through your speaker To lay the foundation for roots and culture Ready or not tell them here i come They trying to figure out now where i come from They can't break my spirit i will overcome In the yard downtown they call me mad indian My roots from the subcontinent Half dravidian half malaysian But really don't matter the configuration If you feel it in the heart then you will feel my mission Cos i know better days are gonna come These lyrics me a talk are like prayers on the tongue Breathing in the air take it deep into the lungs Put pen to paper these songs all need to be sung We need to all come together We need to educate one another Check your bias check your judgment He's not the enemy they sent to we He is a brother Dong dong dong Pull up the rhythm and the fire We feel this vibration every day The basslines booming in this rhythm that we play I know that you can hear what i say So step up to the floor and let your troubles wash away Because your spirits harmonising Your body and your mind is optimising You know that the music's hypnotising We are fear fighting no compromising hey So let the truth come through We breakdown the lies and all the fake news Respect the innovations and breakthroughs Watch them get corrupted by how the snake moves While all the psychopaths them all make the rules To keep us all dieing keep us all fools So we the uprising we got the clues To revolutionise with the truth

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